Consultancy Agency specialising in tailor-made Press Relations

Our Manifesto

Client-centric, TG is a Consulting Agency offering tailor-made services with the commitment to a long-term holistic vision.
We believe that independence is a luxury, and that luxury goes hand in hand with audacity, and
That the future of the brands is based on the relationship, the emotional bond that creates desirability.
We believe in the value of relationships built on commitment, mutual trust and respect.
We love authentic luxury, the beautiful Houses, telling their stories and getting them known.
We believe in strategic creativity and the alchemy of sharing know-how and expertise.
We are committed to improving quality for the Brands and their Products, and we are intimately convinced that sincerity will always take precedence.

About the Agency

Founded in 1996, TG Communication is a Press Relations Consultancy Agency specialising in the world of Beauty, Luxury brands, Fine Watch-making and Decoration. With its sound experience and expertise and a qualified network nurtured with written Press, Radio, Television, Websites, specialised Blogs and social media, TG Communication also studies and creates bespoke events for its clients in B2B and B2C.

The Agency’s mission is to make known the history of each brand so that it becomes familiar to the general public. The best testimony of our professionalism and our commitment is to offer the very best and the most responsive of services both to our clients and journalists.

Our expertise

On the long term, we accompany genuine, authentic and innovative brands concerned with creating and offering products of excellence to their international customers. We work with conviction, professionalism and enthusiasm for the brands we represent and our reputation and credibility are based on these values. Mutual respect and friendship form the second priority of our fundamental values.